Knowledge Sharing

According to our philosophy, “Sharing is a style” and we are also convinced that it is possible to meet the continuous improvement objectives that have allowed us to be considered leaders in our sector only with the “Knowledge Sharing”. That is why we “do not hide our know-how”, but we share it far beyond traditional classroom lessons or e-learning, through innovative ways of Know-How Sharing, Biz Role-Play and Personal Coaching.

Benefit Company

The Law of 28 december 2015, n. 208, defines Benefit Company as those companies that, other than profit, pursue one or more common benefits and operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment.

In particular, Gruppo Strazzeri Srl Benefit Company pursues the following common benefits:

– we recognize the importance of human capital as a strategic success factor of an organization. For this reason, we are committed to enhancing people, encouraging their growth and career, encouraging them to express their skills and talent and taking care of their continuous training;

– we guarantee the protection, safety, wellness and dignity of all employees and collaborators;

– we are committed to promoting gender equality and a diversity and inclusion culture;

– we undertake to adopt human resource management policies aimed at guaranteeing work-life balance, including smart working for all interested employees.

– we support the culture of Prevention of Corruption and Corporate Crime and the culture of Compliance and Sustainability, by organizing free media events (in person or remotely);

– we support, free of charge, activities of associations engaged in crime prevention and compliance;

– we collaborate with universities to create study courses on Corruption Prevention and Corporate Crime, Compliance and Sustainability. We also offer scholarships at young undergraduates / graduates to participate in professional training courses organized by us in the aforementioned subjects;

– we undertake to offer at least once per year pro-bono advice to educational institutions and / or companies wich are undergoing a difficult moment as indicate by the Institutions or business Associations.

– we promote a social sustainability of human resources management in other companies and supply chains. Since our establishment, we have disseminated management tools and models concerning Corporate Social Responsibility, within public and private organizations, not only through our consulting experience but also through communication and training events;

– we encourage other organization to implement diverse and inclusive policies and processes;

– we are committed to establishing stable, professional, serious and quality relationships with all our suppliers and business partners;

– we undertake to provide our suppliers with at least one training initiative a year (in person or remotely) on Risk, Compliance & Sustainability Management.

As required by law, we undertake to prepare the Annual Report on pursued Common Benefits and the Evaluation of the Impact generated.

The first Report will be published at the end of 2022 and will be shared publicly via a link reported at the end of this paragraph.

Ciro Strazzeri

CEO of Gruppo Strazzeri
President of Asso231
President of GIACC ITALY

Ciro Alessio Strazzeri, engineer, consultant, auditor, trainer and supervisory body among the most competent and ambitious, at international level, in the sector of Risk, Compliance & Sustainability Management and, in particular, of Safety, Administrative Responsibility pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and Anti-Corruption pursuant to the Law and the ISO 37001 Standard, topics on which is the author of important publications, including seven books/e-books with the IPSOA-Wolters Kluwer publishing house.

He is the founder of the current “Gruppo Strazzeri Benefit Corporation” and coordinates a group of management consulting companies, with ISO 9001 and ISO 37001 certification for the management consulting and training sectors and with offices in Italy and abroad, of “The Biz Role-Play Academy“, the “Anti-Bribery Academy“, the “Accademia delle Professioni” and ““.

He is a President of “Asso231 – Association of Stakeholders of the Legislative Decree. N. 231/2001” and of “GIACC Italy”, the Italian affiliate of the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre, an international organisation dedicated to promoting the culture of prevention ofcorruption.

He has been holding prestigious positions in Confindustria for 20 years.

Mia Rupcic

Partner of Gruppo Strazzeri
President of Anti-Bribery Academy
Deputy Vice President of GIACC Italy

Croatian Economist, graduated in 2008, Mia Rupcic has considerable experience, also international, in the fields of Anti-Bribery and Administrative Liability, Quality and, in general, in the field of Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management, Assessment, Auditing and Training.

She is an expert in the field of Risk & Compliance Management and she is a Risk management consultant, particularly in Organisational Models and management systems. She is a member of the Supervisory Body pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No 231/2001 and Corruption and Transparency Risk Analysis consultant on behalf of controlled and subsidiary companies of Public Administration and major national and international companies.

She is a certified ISO 37001 Auditor and 231 Auditor (Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01 on Administrative liability of legal entities).

She is the co-author of important publications in the field of Anti-Bribery and Corporate Crime.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Confindustria Catania Female Entrepreneurship Committee.

She is a supporter of AIDDA, the Italian Association of FemaleEntrepreneurs and Company Managers.

Our Team

Our Group is made up of highly qualified professionals: senior consultants and executives, at reasonable costs, prepared to meet the demands of customers. We can also guarantee “worldwide coverage” and consulting in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek, Arabic, Farsi and Croatian language.

The Main References of Our Team