Our Services

The quality of our services, the human relationship and abnegation towards the client, the great organisational flexibility, guaranteed by the high and recognised professionalism of our founder, Eng. Ciro Alessio Strazzeri and its partners and collaborators has been to date the guarantee of success for our clients.

Anti-Bribery & Corporate Liability

We are a point of reference for the Consulting, Auditing and Training in the field of Anti-Bribery Management Systems, according to the National Legislations (UK Bribery Act, FCPA, Legislative Decree 231/01, Spanish Penal Code, Sapin II, etc.) and according to the ISO Standard 37001 and ISO 37002 (Whistleblowing). We also have twenty years of experience in the design of Organisational, Management and Control Models according to Italian legislation (Legislative Decree 231/01). Our professionals hold the role of Supervisory Body in prestigious private organisations and with public participation.

Sustainability: Management and Reporting

We guide organisations in the «Management and Reporting their own Sustainability», implementing the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative, related to the ISO Standards and the SDGs of the United Nations and collaborating in the creation of Sustainability Reports, integrating them with the other management systems of the activities.

Management Systems

For about 30 years we have been operating in the field of Consulting, Auditing and Training of certifiable and non-certifiable Management Systems to comply with the various International Standards. We work to obtain the integration of all management systems, combining obligations and efficiency to reach the highest levels of competitiveness.

Compliance Management

Corporate Compliance is one of the most worrying areas of risk for public and private organisations. The implementation of a robust compliance and ethics program based on business values and specific risks has helped organisations maintain integrity and avoid or minimise non-compliance issues. We guide organisations in managing their compliance with current legislation and applicable standards and codes, implementing the requirements of ISO Standard 37301 (ex ISO 19600). We implement the Compliance Management Systems integrating them with the other management systems of the activities.

Data Protection - EU GDPR

We provide Consulting¸Auditing and Training of the Personal Data Protection management. Over the years our staff has implemented dozen of Data Protection systems. Gruppo Strazzeri has contributed to the development of Codes of Conduct that establish the requirements for building and implementing a Data Protection Management System according to the art. 40 of GDPR, integrated with the ISO Management systems and other international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, etc.).

Certified Skills And Processes

We can boast the certification of our staff members skills for the activities of Anti-Bribery Consultant, Anti-Bribery Auditor, Supervisory Body, Anti-Bribery Compliance Function, Quality-Safety-Environment Expert and Auditor, Data Protection Officer and Privacy Consultant, Energy Management Expert, Sustainability and Innovation Manager . Furthermore, our organisation operates and delivers its consulting and training activities, according to a Certified Quality and Anti-Bribery Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 37001 . All our certifications are a guarantee for our customers also in the event of legal proceedings.


We analyse the real needs of public and private organisations, determining and providing the necessary training paths, including those that lead to the certification of professional competences according to ISO 17024 and national legislations.

The Biz Role - Play Academy

The Biz Role-Play Academy is the Gruppo Strazzeri Division that, through an innovative methodology, implements a know-how transfer by involving the participants in absolutely realistic situations, turning them into the real actors of their training.

Anti-Bribery Academy

Anti-Bribery Academy provides Training, Auditing and Consulting worldwide, through our network of Affiliates we can guarantee our customers the proper support to adequately comply with National Legislations and Anti-Bribery standards.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I)

We help organisations to address the issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, more and more perceived as strategic success factors. Following the local legislative requirements and the international standard ISO 30415, we offer assessment, consultancy and training services on the subject.

Governance Best Practice Assessment

Good governance means that decision - making within the organisation is based on the organisation’s ethos, culture, norms, practices, behaviors, structures and processes. Good governance creates and maintains an organisation with a clear purpose that delivers long-term value consistent with the expectations of its relevant stakeholders. In 2021, the ISO 37000 - Guideline for the Governance of organizations - was published, becoming the Best Practice on the subject. We offer assessment and consultancy services to organisations that intend to "measure" their governance structure against Best Practice.

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